Atelier Kringelblumma

Atelier Kringelblumma

torstai 31. lokakuuta 2013

Education in Finland

Are you interested in education in Finland? Are you a student, journalist or professional in education and want to know more? Do you want to arrange a visit, a seminar or a meeting to learn more and bring this knowledge together?

I can offer you services from basic standard info page with links up to personalised arranged visit to Finland with appointments, transport, interpreting and translations. You have a choice of kindergartens, schools for all ages, vocational education, special education, teacher's education, crafts education etc.

I have Master in Education from Helsinki University, I have experience in teaching craft and design for children, teenagers and adults for more than 15 years, I'm mother of four children between 14 and 23 years. I have studied and lived and my children have gone to school in different countries. I speak Finnish, English, Dutch/Flemish, Swedish, French, Spanish and German. I have a good local and national network.

I'm finishing my studies in Occupational Therapy and bobbin lace making, the speciality of my hometown Rauma, is close to my hart.

I offer you culturally and historically important environment with the nature next door for your visit where everything works smoothly. distances are small and you don't loose time nor money in traffic jams or public transport. Airports are on one hour drive from here. Rauma, my small hometown on the west coast of Finland offers you all this and is one of the sites on the list of World Heritage of UNESCO.

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